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Warehouse find! Sealed, dead stock copies of this trashy, cult punk gem from New Jersey's SKULL DUGGERY. Has a wasted, garage-leaning guitar sound that's mashed together with some absolutely bizarro production/instrumentation and total scumbag attitude. Skull Duggery rock a huge sense of humor all over this thing, certainly fitting in with other nefarious Jersey "Shore" core groups of the era like Public Disturbance, Fatal Rage, and AOD. Seems like these guys were perhaps the most wasted outta the bunch though...I've always been reminded of some kind of odd mixture of Fang, early GG Allin, and the Child Molesters. Then again, there are some straight up wasted garage ballads on this thing and a few freaky instrumentals that pop up. Certainly not a record for the weak of heart or people banking on this being a sick unheard of 80's hardcore masterpiece. It's a really bizarre one that I can see fans of the assumed KBD/MUTHA RECORDS vibe obviously digging, or even those into the more "outsider" proto-punk efforts of the late 70s/early 80s (David Peel, Circuit Rider, J.T. IV). Surprisingly no clips of this one online, but it's worth it, I swear!

Note: These copies have a bit of storage warping but are guaranteed 1983 originals on Mutha. I compared it to my original copy, and the matrices match exactly. Vinyl plays fine with a bit of counterweight added. Minor corner creasing/rounding. ALL COPIES SOLD "AS-IS" / NO RETURNS.

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