RYAN DINO "Chapter One: The Final Chapter" LP

RYAN DINO "Chapter One: The Final Chapter" LP

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"Ryan Dinosaur, aka Ryan Bell, known for his work in GG King, Predator, Hyena, and more, has returned after a lengthy absence with a walloping full length to show for it. Chapter One: The Final Chapter is a 40-minute joyride through a wonderland of DIY songcraft that epitomizes the sound Mr. Dino has championed with his label, Scavenger of Death.

Tracked over the course of four years with a revolving door of musicians from some of the best groups out of Atlanta (GG King himself sings on two numbers), this is an immersive document, one human’s idiosyncratic vision of their place in the world. Oscillating between serious and joking, between aggression and introspection, Chapter One rambles through a wealth of punk rock influences: Kiwi-pop jangle, heavy metal worship, soot-black hardcore, and more. If you like your jams apocalyptic and otherworldly, there’s something here for you. If you think life is a joke, there’s plenty here to make you laugh. Includes lyric sheet and digital download." Recommended! -Scavenger of Death.

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