ROACH MOTEL "It's Lonely at the Top" LP

ROACH MOTEL "It's Lonely at the Top" LP

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"They're here, more beer, get used to it. Gainesville’s Roach Motel (featuring future Maximum Rock N Roll columnist George Tabb) were Florida’s most noteworthy contribution to the early American hardcore scene. They ran their own label, toured with Black Flag, put out two of the most collectable Florida punk singles, and were the only Florida band to gain inclusion in Stephen Bush’s opus “American Hardcore." They existed from 1980-1984 during which time they released the "Roach and Roll" and "What The Hell It's Roach Motel" singles, and a comp 7", featuring all Florida bands, aptly titled "We Can't Help It Were From Florida" on their label Destroy Records. "It's Lonely At The Top" compiles tracks from the singles and the comp, as well as two live cuts, and the recordings which were intended for their ill fated full length. 21 blistering hardcore anthems about killing Brooke Shields, loud mouthed girlfriends, mad dog 20/20, anarchist dogs, the death of Burger King, and other such serious subjects. They combine the ferocity of early Black Flag with the snottiness of Wimpy era Queers. The record includes printed inner sleeves with track by track liner notes written by the band, pictures, and flyers. 1000 pressed in all." -Florida's Dead.

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