RIK AND THE PIGS "A Child's Gator" LP

RIK AND THE PIGS "A Child's Gator" LP

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Restocked! What a glorious occasion it is to finally have a long player from our beloved Olympia rock'n'rollers RIK AND THE PIGS !! A Child's Gator pairs staple cuts from the Pigs' live show repertoire with several new tracks - all of it featuring the full live band. I was initially a bit leery of the amount of re-recorded material on this LP, but god damn can the Pigs play! Such a straight up rock'n'roll record in the best sense possible. Anyone who has seen the current lineup (all of which appears on the LP, sans sax player) knows just how powerful and precise the Pigs are, and they sure as hell capture that energy on vinyl. All of the trademarks of Erik's songwriting are present across this album - incredibly classic-sounding and catchy tunes, searing guitar leads, snotty, sarcastic vocals, and a real sense of humor. While I love the hell out of the Pigs 7"s, (including the two released on Feel It, duh!) they're much better suited to album format. A few spins in and I'm already sure that A Child's Gator will be glued to my turntable for some time to come. Highest Possible Recommendation! Total Punk.

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