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Back in stock! Debut EP from this new NYC group featuring the ex-rhythm section of Cheena lining up with Mary-Jane Dunphe (Gen Pop, CC Dust, Vexx). I wasn't quite sure what to expect given the name and minimal artwork for this one, but let me tell ya, its a winner. There's a huge pop vibe to this whole thing, starting and ending with "My Time", which has huge syncopated hand claps and a Bowie/VU-like hook and cool confidence. The rest of this EP is honestly pretty diverse - most of the songs hit around the 90 second mark, incorporating a pretty varied bunch of styles that all manage to fall within the realm of punk/hardcore. I'm definitely reminded of Vexx in spots, though the guitar playing is a lot less technical and the rhythm section drives at a much steadier clip. In many ways, this isn't your typical Toxic State release - the production is studio quality, the drum style associated with TS bands like Crazy Spirit or Nandas doesn't make its way into the mix here at all, and the artwork and packaging are probably the least involved of anything I've seen yet on TS. It's a very interesting debut - if anything, I think this lacks a cohesive element and seems like a lot of different ideas being put together, but that's also what makes Pinnochio new and exciting - curious to hear where they go from here. Toxic State.

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