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Welcome back to another Feel It newsletter - we've got quite the update, as our four newest releases are officially out today! To start things off, we're back in Olympia, WA with the long awaited LP from BETA BOYS, chock full of dark and ugly hardcore punk that immediately recalls classics like The Germs. Also new from OLY, we have a fresh new 7" single from the phenomenal STIFF LOVE, pairing two hook-laden and crunchy garage punk burners. Probably the most curious of the batch is the debut 12" from Brisbane, Australia's PIOUS FAULTS - a record brimming with fluid, tight, and original hardcore punk moves - as immediate and odd as early Saccharine Trust! A real head-turner. Last but not least, the debut 7" single for Richmond's own CEMENT SHOES - a band that I started last year with the principle songwriters of Brown Sugar and Haircut. Two fresh tracks here; our own gimmick-free spin on HC/punk and a nice follow-up to last year's demo tape on the Loki Label.

For anyone who placed a pre-order, I am boxing the final orders right now and will have everything out in today's mail. Color vinyl is beginning to run low, especially for the Beta Boys LP. I've also added a few spare test pressings to the site. Thank you for your support, it means a lot!

Following a string of 7"s for Total Punk, Digital Regress, Neck Chop, and Lumpy - the once Kansas City, now Olympia-based Beta Boys return with their finest work to date; the aptly-titled Late Nite Acts LP. A strikingly focused and sonically refined tour de force, these ten new tracks pair the band's Midwestern hardcore roots with a darker, midtempo burn. A pure punk sound if there ever was; precisely capturing the boredom, depression, and ever-present sense of hopelessness spread across modern America. Beta Boys have truly upped the ante on this full length; an album absolutely brimming with stellar production, first-rate songwriting, and unapollegetically punk flavor. Packaged in a full color jacket with artwork from Beta Boys' own Hank Durango plus lyric insert, hype sticker, and digital download. FEEL IT 23.


Hot on the heels of their debut "Trouble" 7" EP, Stiff Love are back with a smashing new single! These two tracks capture the Olympia-based group at their best yet - a fast-and-loose unit equipped with the kind of chops and confidence that simply cannot be faked or replicated. Stiff Love are the real deal; unrefined and unsophisticated; a near-perfect sonic amalgam of rock'n'roll, garage, and punk. There's a classic & undeniable 60's flavored, four-piece group dynamic at play; with Claudia and Elysa laying down the pounding rhythm section that allows Dahlia and Xtine's trebly, twin-guitar charge to propel each track along. The perfectly desperate vocals and wailing guitar leads command the high end of the mix, sealing the deal on this highly memorable and downright catchy pairing of tracks. Recorded straight to tape with Captain Tripps and packaged in a textured stipple stock glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert and digital download. FEEL IT 22.

Now is the time to take notice of Brisbane, Australia's PIOUS FAULTS. Aside from a short, yet exciting demo on the Tenth Court label and a brief feature in the almighty Distort Mag, Pious Faults have remained somewhat of an enigma since their inception in late 2016. However, with "Old Thread", the young Australian group have crafted a remarkably lucid and original vinyl debut. A sonic whirlwind of wonderfully deconstructed hardcore punk - songs stripped of inheritable form; leaping from stone to leaf to puddle in a unique, abstract manner. A sound far from imitation but comparable to early Saccharine Trust, Spike In Vain, or more recent fare like Dry Rot and NASA Space Universe. Pious Faults careen through nine tracks on this 45rpm 12", balancing short, disaffected hardcore punk blasts with an experimental urgency, as referenced across tracks like the massive "Worship the Surface". The tense physical interplay between instruments feeds powerfully beneath uninhibited, wonder-full snarls that depict a landscape of the destructive external and a keyhole view into the bruised internal. Experience is exposed here by Pious Faults. Watch on and see no mind tied to its own leap. This record is born solely out of love, amusement & all the motions that follow in their wake. Reconnect with what allows you. Want on. Packaged in a full color jacket printed on recycled stock with risograph booklets printed by Oddities Prints and digital download. Limited to 400.
Pro-duplicated cassette version also available with four bonus tracks not included on the vinyl release. FEEL IT 20.

CEMENT SHOES "A Peace Product of the USA" 7"
Get in on the crumbling ground floor with the debut 7" single from Richmond's own Cement Shoes. Following a promising 2017 demo on the Loki Label, heralded as a "meat and potatoes and LSD" hardcore punk production, the Shoes turn in two fresh cuts on this 45. Furiously scratching away at the ever-underwhelming state of contemporary hardcore punk, the principle songwriters of Brown Sugar, Fried Egg, and Haircut intervene to bring us a robust and epic pairing of tracks. Consider it a simultaneous toast to the sense of humor and originality of first wave hardcore/punk and a roast of the ever fashionable and generic trappings of the aughts. Each copy comes packaged in a unique, hand-painted glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert and digital download.

We've also added several new distro items from labels like Neon Taste, Anti-Fade, Rerun, and My Mind's Eye. Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section! Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

I'm also super excited to announce that we'll be back in October with two more new releases. First, a 12" from the mighty U-NIX titled Nuke Portland. Eight crushing tracks in under ten minutes. This thing is tight, powerful, and is gonna hit hard cut at 45RPM. Have a listen to "Nerve". We'll also have a brand new 7" EP from Melbourne-via-Cleveland punks VANILLA POPPERS. Four new absolutely ruling tracks that are every bit as good, if not, better than their killer 2017 LP on Lumpy Rex. Our friends at Drunken Sailor will be handling the Euro pressing. Have a listen to "I Like Your Band". Both of these records are on track to be out for U-NIX and VP's sets at this year's Not Dead Yet.


First up, BETA BOYS and STIFF LOVE are doing an East coast run around Skullfest with Olympia's ELECTRIC CHAIR (killer new HC punk w/ members of Beta Boys, 7" due on Stucco soon). BB and SL will have copies of their new records on Feel It. Unfortunately this is all of the info that I have, bug your local punk promoter to find out more!

8/18 Skull Fest Pittsburgh (Beta Boys @ The Shop | Hardcore Matinee 1pm)
8/19 Skull Fest (Stiff Love @ Babyland | Closing Ceremonies 8pm)
8/20 Philly @ Century w/ PMS 84, EDS
8/21 NYC
8/23 West Mass/Boston ~
8/24 Buffalo ~
8/25 Cleveland @ Old Homestead Tavern w/ Yambag, Spike Pit ~
8/26 Chicago ~

~ = No Stiff Love

PIOUS FAULTS full US tour also starts in just a couple weeks! The band will have vinyl and cassette copies of their brand new "Old Thread" album on Feel It. Here are the dates as they currently stand:

8/28 Boston @ Hardcore Stadium w/ Impalers, Innocent, Bloodsuckers
8/29 NYC @ Brooklyn Bazaar Basement w/ Kaleidoscope, Pobreza Mental
8/30 Philly w/ Big Heet
8/31 Baltimore @ Asian Taste w/ Lip, Thematix
9/1 Richmond @ VSC w/ Fried Egg, Butt, Ugly Muscle
9/2 Raleigh @ The Bunker
9/3 Atlanta @ 529 w/ GG King, Harmacy
9/4 Birmingham @ The Firehouse w/ Bad Example, Snake Church
9/5 Hattiesburg
9/6 New Orleans @ Poor Boys w/ Three Brained Robot, Ekumen
9/7 Memphis @ Lamplighter Lounge
9/8 Murray, KY @ Terrapin Station w/ Ron
9/9 Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern w/ Felchers

9/11 Indianapolis
9/12 Pittsburgh
9/13 Cleveland
9/14 Chicago @ Margaritaville
9/15 Madison, WI @ Mickey's Tavern w/ Sex Scenes, Roboman, WSHBDJ's
9/16 Minneapolis @ Dead Media w/ Joust, Scape
9/17 Iowa City
9/18 Saint Louis @ The Sinkhole
9/19 Kansas City @ The Snake Tank
9/20 OKC
9/21 Denton @ Killer's Tacos
9/22 Austin
9/25 Seattle
9/26 Olympia
9/27 Portland @ American Legion Post 134
9/28 Bay Area
9/29 LA

Okay just a few other quick gigs of interest coming up before I split. Thanks for staying tuned in and supporting the label in our busiest year ever - it means a whole lot!
8/14 Janitor Scum, BB Eye, American Nudism, VV @ Hell's Door RVA
8/21 Lecherous Gaze, Cement Shoes (local record release) + more @ Strange Matter RVA
8/25 Fried Egg, Bato, Flatline Nervous System @ Studio 239B Norfolk
8/26 Fried Egg @ Champion Brewery Charlottesville
9/1 Pious Faults, Fried Egg, Butt, Ugly Muscle @ VSC, RVA

Feel It will also be back for Cropped Out VIII in Louisville, KY - Oct 5 & 6. This year we'll be sharing a table with our buddy and used record hustler, Brandon Gaffney.

That's all for now, thanks & catch you soon.
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