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A selection of well curated mixes from myyy friend and fellow music connoisseur, Brandon "The Brain" Gaffney. C-60's packed full of the best rock, soul, outlaw, humor, and cultural hooha that a discerning record hawk could gather. Listed in reverse chronological order, newest mixes first.

"MOVE 2 THA MOON" - late Summa '18 w/ Bee Gees, Smokey Robinson, Guess Who, Bad Lib, Pink Floyd, Nina Simone, & more.
"CUCUMBER CASTLE" - Summa '18 w/ David Ingles, Roberta Flack, Beach Boys, Sweet Cookie, O'Jays, & more.
"REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE IN AFRICA" - Summer (Dog Dick) '18 w/ The Standells @ 33rpm, Gelatinous Citizen, Donkey Bugs, Slayer, Bee Gees, CCR, Cannonball Adderly & more
"MANGO MEAT" - February '18 w/ Persuasions, D.R. Hooker, Albert Ayler, Funkadelic, X_X, Rudi Peni, Nanci S., Chet Atkins, War, Impressions & more
"MARLON BRANDO, POCOHONTAS & ME" - New Year '18 w/ Clifford Jordan, Orlons, Stooges, Neil, Iggy, Vince Gallo, Grand Master Flash, Lou Reed, Iggy & more.
"WE'RE ALL WATER"  - Septober '17 w/ Hawkwind, Government Warning, Slum Village, Dave Arvedon, Yardbirds, Totalitar, John Fahey, John Lennon, Rowdy Roddy Piper & more.
"PINK COOKIES IN A PLASTIC BAG GETTING CRUSHED BY BUILDINGS, ETC." - Spring '17 w/ Chrome, Bee Gees, AR3, Can, Alice C., Van Morrison, Funkadelic, The Rebel & more.
"CHRIST IS NOT CUTE" - Holidaze '17 w/ John Fahey, Brainbombs, Crazy Horse, Butthole Surfers, Bob D., Dave Peel, 100 Flowers & more.
"THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE EVERY DAY" - November '17 w/ Byrds, Queen, MG-15, Spacement 3, Love, Yoko, Hawkwind, Selecter, Roxy Music, & more.
"untitled" - June '17 w/ The The, Kinks, Digale Planets, Skynyrd, Harpo, The Dead, Dwarves, Blue Cheer, Mr. Fahey & more.
"EMINEM 'BLACK LIVES MATHERS'" - Oct/Nov '16 w/ John Hardy, Sex Vid, Patti Smith, Radio Birdman, Meat Puppets, Leo Cohen, Ivy, Archie Shepp & more.
"MY NAME IS IAN AND I'M FROM MINOR THREAT" - August '16 w/ UV Race, LSD, Brian Eno, The Hunches, Dave E., Meat Puppets, John Coltrane, Baseball Furies, Pere Ubu, F Mac, & more.

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