MATRIX "Demo" 7"

MATRIX "Demo" 7"

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Holy shit, this has to be the most smoking demo in recent memory. This Chicago area group has the same vibrant 4 track production as their predecessors in Big Zit and Ooze (wouldn't surprise me if Mark Winter recorded this tbh) and the musicianship here is just as nuts. I'm most immediately reminded of the first Direct Control LP and the second Amdi Petersen's Arme 7"...seriously raging & timeless American hardcore. The drummer does THE SAME TOM FILLS as the Koro 7". This is purely excellent HC and just as good, if not better than anything out of the region at the moment. Disregard the straightedge-looking artwork, this is the real dealio! Props to Weirdly Records for putting this tape to vinyl.

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