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Hey people! Kicking off March with an early mailing list update for ya. It's been a busy few weeks here, shipping tons of COWBOYS records out (thanks to many of you!), and prepping for a serious slate of upcoming releases. Next month we should have at least one new release to announce, hopefully with a preview track. In other ROCK'N'ROLL NEWS, the FRIED EGG Beat Session Vol. 4 has finally been released on cassette, and I'll have copies in the distro next week. This is absolutely my favorite Egg recording to date, many thanks to the studio talent of Mike Kriebel (also of DIRTY & HIS FISTS) at The Golden Beat in LA. Speaking of Beat Sessions, RIK AND THE PIGS just did one and it is absolutely smoking...so look for that eventually! In the meantime, the Pigs' Blue Jean Queen 7" is down to less than 5 copies so snag one now! Cement Shoes also just finished tracking 3 new songs for an upcoming, self-released 7" that I'm REEEAL excited for. We just need to add vocals once Daniel is back from HAIRCUT tour (going GREAT from all reports) and mix that sucker. Look for Da Shoes on a short South/Midwest tour in late May!

WHEW! March is off to an ace start. First and foremost, the new KALEIDOSCOPE 7", which the band has released on their own D4MTLABS, INC. imprint. Sure to appease fans of the 12" on Feel It - and if you ever doubted the power of this band, now is your lucky chance to be proven wrong!! Also from the D4MT LABS fellas, we have the X-20/SUBDOM split cassette, featuring the first solo recordings from Kaleidoscope drummer Owen Deutsch. Real wild and (naturally) percussive tuneage that sits well after a few listens, backed with the raw, synth punk styles of fellow NYC dwellers, SUBDOM. And even more from NYC - we have the TATTOO PUNK FANZINE from Ben Trogdon, our multi-talented friend responsible for NUTS! and ROCK'N'ROLL FOREVER. Although I have zero tattoos, I highly recommend this - not only for the top notch photography and layout, but also the sheer QUALITY of coverage (i.e. this is not some skull'n'bones flash kinda cash-in). What else? The latest from LUMPY REX brings quality full lengths from WARM BODIES and AQUARIUM, Total Punk graces us with the unapologetically hilarious full length from Cleveland's PERVERTS AGAIN, we got a box of imports from our German pals at STATIC AGE MUSIK and some high quality punk en EspaƱol from Going Underground. ALSO - If you haven't noticed I've been listing "upcoming arrivals" on the home page screen of the site..right now this includes the new HANK WOOD LP, POWER 7", URANIUM CLUB live LP (finally, after our first box of these made a cross-continental trip back to Italy), and more! Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!

I will keep this short but the good news is that the GEN POP "II" 7" has been cut (straight from analogue tape, mind you) by the always apt Josh Bonati, and is off to plating. Should have test presses later this month and vinyl for ya in early May. After that, two long-awaited reissues of primo early 80's Virginia punk and hardcore from THE LANDLORDS and INSINUATIONS are up next and slated for a June co-release. More to announce soon!

Also, look for the Feel It distro to be set up at the Saturday main show of DAMAGED CITY FEST on April 7. HAIRCUT has just been added to the Sunday art + matinee show on April 8! For any locals reading this, I'll also be at the VG MINUS Record Fair at Hardywood Brewery on May 6, and will be cutting loose some goods from my personal collection.

RIK AND THE PIGS just wrapped up a successful West coast tour, while also recording Live at Tony's Garage AND a Beat Session in the process. Here's a video of the Pigs laying waste to a Mexican restaurant in SoCal :) HAIRCUT is also nearing the end of their "America's Fucking Gross" tour (and it sure is, as they've been trudging through the frost and snow of the Northeast for the past several days) but I've heard nothing short of rave reviews of the live set, and thankfully they're taking good care of my van on the road. OKAY...so THE COWBOYS leave for tour on TOMORROW and we finally have full tour dates. Do everything in your power to see them rock on such short notice!

Fri 3/9 Bloomington @ Blockhouse Bar w/ ABC Gum
Sat 3/10 Louisville @ Nach Bar
Sun 3/11 Nashville @ The Cobra w/ Mighty Jabronis, Grace Vonderkuhn
Mon 3/12 Atlanta @ The Earl w/ Deep State, Dinner Time
Tues 3/13 Birmingham @ The Firehouse
Weds 3/14 New Orleans @ Circle Bar w/ Vile Bodies, Stiff Love, Policy, Trampoline Team
Thurs 3/15 Austin HELP NEEDED
Fri 3/16 San Antonio @ Paper Tiger w/ Sloppy Jane, Soda Boys
Sat 3/17 Austin @ Hotel Vegas - Burgermania VII
Sun 3/18 Memphis @ Murphy's
Mon 3/19 St Louis @ Pizza Head

Last but not least, I also have the full KALEIDOSCOPE Midwest and East coast dates!

Sun 3/18 Philly @ Cousin Danny's w/ Blank Spell, Haldol, Mint
Mon 3/19 Cleveland @ Old Homestead Tavern w/ The Cowboy, Real Regular, Rubber Mate
Tues 3/20 Chicago @ ChiTown Futbol w/ Super Unison, C.H.E.W., Dream Probe, Red Delicious, Droids Blood
Weds 3/21 Minneapolis @ Dead Media w/ Shapeshifter, Aquarium,
Obchod Na Korze 6PM!

Thurs 3/22 Kansas City
Fri 3/23 Oklahoma City
Sat 3/24 Austin
Sun 3/25 Houston
Mon 3/26 Hattiesburg, MS
Tues 3/27 Atlanta @ 529 w/ Uniform 7PM!
Weds 3/28 Greensboro, NC @ Sabine w/ Scarecrow, Silica
Thurs 3/29 Richmond @ Crystal Palace w/ Deviant, Cement Shoes

That's IT for now. Until next time...

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