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Back in stock! Six track debut (feels more like a legit release than a demo to these ears) from the new Chicago group, MAN-EATERS. This lineup features 3/4 of the mighty Tarantula, joined by the ex-frontman for Bleeding Gums. Fans of Tarantula's mid-tempo rock-leaning tunes will undoubtedly hear that sound continued on in Man-Eaters, though the sound here is decidedly less hardcore, yet vibrant as ever. I'd liken Man-Eaters to an early Annihilation Time (maybe the Cosmic Unconsciousness EP where Jimmy joined on vocals) - a group taking the power of early Black Flag and Bl'ast and running that through a boozy, rock'n'roll filter. I'd still say that Man-Eaters have a lot more in common with first wave punk (particularly Geza X produced stuff like the Hell Comes to Your House comp) than technical riff-rock, ya know? These guys are probably blasting the first Kiss LP and chasing it down with shots of Malort, but at the end of the day are one of the most exciting new punk bands on the block, and not some riff-recycling, preconceived garden variety rock group. Highly recommended and featuring incredible full color artwork from Drugface, plus a lyric sheet. Self-released.

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