KALEIDOSCOPE "Live on a Scorched Earth" CS

KALEIDOSCOPE "Live on a Scorched Earth" CS

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Fan-made audience recording of Kaleidoscope performing at their record release show for the 2017 7" on February 24. While the recording quality is rather muddy (maybe a C if I had to grade it), what we do get here is the first glance at some NEW and very exciting Kaleidoscope tracks that mark the next chapter (or volume?) in their evolution as a band. Beyond a killer performance of the three tracks that appear on the new 7", we get at least three brand new tunes that will appear as an LP on Toxic State one day. For anyone who witnessed Kaleidoscope at this gig or on their recent tour, the new tracks are performed with an almost military-like precision, coming from what sounds like more of a Crass Records approach as opposed to their more experimental moments in the past. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting bands going, sounding new and inventive even in the context of this dodgy live cassette. A fan-made document for the fans. Loathed Sound.

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