July 2019 Update - new albums from PLEASURE LEFTISTS + CEMENT SHOES out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 7/12/2019 to News
Hello again, lots of news to share this month. First and foremost, there are two new albums available from Feel It - PLEASURE LEFTISTS"The Gate" and CEMENT SHOES "Too" both on LP+CD. Both groups spent a considerable amount of time and effort with the songwriting and production and I have to say that these are two of the best sounding and most "complete" records on Feel It yet. Really proud of both. All preorders have shipped and there is still a small amount of color vinyl left for each record!

Pleasure Leftists - "The Gate" LP/CD/digital
Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS return with "The Gate", a new ten song album of cathartic, riveting post-punk excellence. The long-running group, comprised of veteran players in the Clevo scene, have turned in what is arguably their best recorded output - and the first since 2015's "The Woods of Heaven". For "The Gate", PL ventured out to Portland, OR in March 2019 to record on tape with Stan Wright (Arctic Flowers) - and the results are massive. Those familiar with previous PL material will immediately feel reacquainted with the group's masterful arrangements and cool, confident execution - a style that draws from the early British post-punk classics on labels like 4AD and Factory Records, but retains an organic, original sound that few contemporary acts harness. While "The Gate" undoubtedly benefits from the best studio sound of any PL release to date, the musicianship is what makes this album feel like an absolutely classic piece of work. The tones are perfect - almost as though Greg Sage dialed them in for a Wipers record. You'll immediately be taken by Haley Morris's vocal range and projection, which shines across the entire album and is absolute next level work. The sheer artistic quality of the songwriting is propelled along in perfect rhythm, as the guitar and bass play off of each other wonderfully, beginning the album with "In Dreams", which sets the tense and urgent nature of the tracks that follow. "The Return" dials the pace back slightly, allowing room for one of Morris's most memorable vocal patterns. As "Phenomenon" emerges from cold drone to begin the second half of the album, it quickly becomes apparent that PL have crafted a master work here. "Dancing in the Dark" could be a lost Homostupids track adapted to PL's sensibilities, followed along by the charging title track, and the gripping closer, "The Sign". Pleasure Leftists leave us with a phenomenal batch of tracks on "The Gate" - a gleaming, timeless piece of work.

First pressing of 400 Black LPs, 100 Opaque dark purple LPs, and 100 CDs.
Cement Shoes - "Too" LP/CD/digital
Ahh yes, the Shoes, baby! Richmond, VA's CEMENT SHOES lay down eight new tracks on, "Too", their debut album. If you're new to Da Shoes, their debut 7" single on Feel It in 2018 left both reviewers and punk/hardcore millenials utterly confused and divided. The sage journalists at Razorcake even exclaimed, "This is the kind of genuine hardcore punk that could reach a pretty damn wide audience if the world were a different place." Well, it's 2019 now and the world hasn't changed one degree for the better, buddy! Thankfully, Cement Shoes have returned to drive the point home with their finest-and-fullest-sounding record yet. The Shoes are truly cooking with gas now, bringing the best elements of snappy 80s punk/HC and 70s hard rock to sonic fruition, with the necessary tongue-in-cheek sense of humor intact. "Too" presents itself as a sonic rendezvous where the '83 LA cast of punkers from "Suburbia", "Funhouse" era Stooges, Alice Cooper Band, Totalitär, and Cider are all invited. The whole room reeks of cheap beer and reefer, wah pedals lie on top of dirty shag carpet, and Joe Pesci is there to emcee the whole thing. Confused yet? So are we. But screw it, here's an album that sounds as timeless as the precious tape it was recorded on. A smoldering effigy to the way rock music used to simply exist and excite, and a shining example of where the unlimited data of the aughts can actually be stretched.

First pressing of 400 Black, 75 Psychedelic swirl with opaque white base [50 "Power Pak" editions include a bonus 7" flexi], 25 Psychedelic swirl with translucent clear base (exclusive to Lulu's - Melbourne, Australia), and 100 CDs.


If you thought Summer might slow us down, think again - up next we're releasing the debut album from Richmond locals SLUMP. These kids have quietly become one of RVA's best - taking the best elements of psychedelic and spaced out rock and distilling it all through a very punk approach. The Unraveled Mind is just about to be sent off to the pressing plant and we're hoping to have a small run of pro cassettes ready for a Slump tour which starts next Friday (scroll down for dates).

Also to be released alongside the SLUMP LP, we're stoked to welcome Melbourne, Australia's POWER to Feel It for a brand new 7" single, The Fool b/w Give It All to Me. This one is going to be a split release with our Aussie brethren at Cool Death. A killer follow-up to their last album on In The Red, though these new tracks have a unique crunch and grit that have me thinking more Motörhead and Tank than Coloured Balls.

Keep yer eyes peeled for the SLUMP LP + POWER 7" single some time in September! Should have some preview tracks ready to drop in August.


The NEW ARRIVALS section is where it's at as usual - first & foremost I have to sing the highest praises for the new KALEIDOSCOPE LP on Toxic State. You should be familiar with Kaleidoscope by now, and this gets my backing as their ultimate sonic and visual statement to date. Seriously militant music that quite honestly obliterates 99% of their punk/hardcore contemporaries. I just saw their LP release gig in NYC and the live set was jaw-droppingly tight and worth the 15hrs of driving, no doubt. We've also got some new quality tuneage from LVEUM (Khiis LP, Asid 12") and Static Shock (Negative Gears 12", Idiota Civilizzato 7"), some more imports from Erste Theke Tontrager (Public Interest 12" - great new solo stuff from Marbled Eye frontperson + R.M.F.C LP), a crucial reissue of the final RATS LP (pre-Dead Moon Fred&Toody PUNK w/ huge archival booklet), the smoking GENETIC CONTROL reissue (quality early Montreal 80's HC), plus some new jams from Iron Lung and Lumpy & many restocks.


Holy smokes - TONS to announce here so hang tight. Lets start with PLEASURE LEFTISTSLP release gig this Saturday in Cleveland and some Midwest dates at the end of the month. The band will have The Gate available on LP (likely some color vinyl too), CD, and CS plus new shirts. Woah!

7/13 Cleveland - Record release gig @ Mahall's w/ Jeff Hatfield
7/25 Grand Rapids
7/26 Chicago @ Archer Ballroom w/ The Noids, Vice Grip, Negative Scanner
7/27 Minneapolis @ Black Forest Inn w/ Czar Bomba, Verminoize, Larry Wish, Healthy Competition
7/28 Madison @ Mickey's Tavern w/ Caryatids, Labrador

Just when you thought Richmond couldn't stand enough CEMENT SHOES...we are back with our third singer in three years and will be rocking the new lineup that's touring Australia. Gonna have the new LP/CD and some fun suprises.

7/27 @ Wonderland w/ Warthog, L.O.T.I.O.N., Serqet
7/28 RVA @ Crystal Palace w/ Hash Redactor, Teenage Cenobite, Scheme

SLUMP are hitting the road next week with fellow local digipunk freaks TEENAGE CENOBITE. With any luck, Slump will have their debut album on Feel It available on cassette for these dates.

7/18 RVA w/ Black Button
7/19 Norfolk @ Studio 239B
7/20-21 Baltimore @ Ratscape Fest
7/22 Philly @ Cousin Danny's
7/22 NYC @ Bohemian Grove
7/23 NYC - TBA
7/24 Belchertown, MA @ Cold Spring Hollow
7/25 New Haven, CT @ Crunch House
7/26 Charlottesville @ Tea Bazaar
7/27 Norfolk @ Charlie's
7/28 RVA @ Crystal Palace w/ Hash Redactor, Cement Shoes, Scheme

And one more! PROTRUDERS are hitting the road in early August to support the Poison Future 12". Midwest and East coast friends, go see them!

8/7 Buffalo
8/8 Cleveland @ outdoor generator gig w/ Boiled Men
8/9 Detroit @ Thee Outer Limits Lounge w/ Eroders, Milk Bath
8/10 Chicago w/ Porno Glows, Bruised, Clickbait
8/11 Bloomington w/ The Resource Network, Eddie Flowers & the Swamp Lips Dub
8/12 St. Louis @ CBGB w/ Death Cult, Miracle Whip, Skull Chic
8/13 Lexington @ The Green Lantern
8/14 Asheville @ The Lazy Diamond 6pm matinee
8/15 Charlotte @ Ritter House w/ Mutant Strain, Two Year Degree
8/16 Richmond @ Crystal Palace w/ Slump, Dummies
8/17 Baltimore @ Zika Farm w/ Lip
8/18 Philly @ Cousin Danny's w/ Valley Gals, The Cavemen

Wow that was a lot, thanks if ya made it through this whole thing. Feel free to follow @feelitrecordshop for more frequent updates if you crave that sort of thing.

-Sam | Feel It Records
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