JEEZ LOUISE "Demonstration Recording" CS

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Back in stock! Debut seven track demo from this new Chicago group featuring the two gents behind Muff Divers and one fella from Tarantula. Their newly christened three-piece, Jeez Louise, is a well-oiled punk rock machine. Not too far off from the stellar sounds of Muff Divers or Nancy (with Joe Sussman's trademark nasal vocal delivery) - definitely a hypercaffinated Dickies sound at play here, and I'm certainly hearing the kind of stop-and-start progressions that the Ramones patented. And while these moves have been run through by thousands of garden-variety bar acts, the good fellas in Jeez Louise have the magical "it" - the attitude, chops, and classic, yet inventive approach to songwriting that sets their shtick apart from the pack. This is a very promising demonstration, recorded live at the band's Ketchup & Mustard HQ and released on the same imprint. Recommended!

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