INMATES "Creatures of the Night" 7" (Random color vinyl)

INMATES "Creatures of the Night" 7" (Random color vinyl)

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Holy shit, a new Inmates record in 2018?! That's right. Recorded in April and released just in time for their Australian tour which was due to start in July and subsequently scrapped at the last minute. Six new tracks of classic Cleveland HC punk from these legends who have been at it since the 90's. What more needs to be said? A split release between Non-Commercial and No Patience Records.

Here's what Paul says about the color vinyl:
"the random colors of the vinyl have their base color change every 8-10 copies.
there are at least 6 different colors of paper used on the folded inserts, and these are also randomly paired with random copies of the vinyl. the result is there will be endless variations of any copy of this record.
also, the side A labels are all hand-stamped in red ink. it is unclear if this will change on any future pressing.
550 copies pressed in total; 200 "random color regrind" , 250 black vinyl. all with randomly colored inserts."

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