HAND GRENADES "Demos to London" LP

HAND GRENADES "Demos to London" LP

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Back in stock! Expanded reissue of this rare '79 single from NYC's HAND GRENADES. A total musical anomaly, sounding authentically 100% UK DIY (and releasing this single with almost no identifying info) - the group was even believed to be British for some time. Nah, three dudes from Long Island with an arty penchant and great taste in basement recording. Brings to mind some of the UK classics like O-Level, Television Personalities, Swell Maps, and Desperate Bicycles. This LP adds two previous unreleased tracks (from what sound like the same session) that are just as killer! Just wish the packaging told more of the story behind this behind - no insert or lyrics or liner notes...what gives?! Almost Ready Records.

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