GEN POP "S/T" 7"

GEN POP "S/T" 7"

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Restocked! Fantastic vinyl debut from Olympia's GEN POP, collecting their entire demo session onto one disc. The group comprises half of Vexx plus one Pig, so we're already talking quality, but Gen Pop's sound is really like neither of the member's previous groups. The sound here verges between terse, angular punk and meandering hardcore insanity. I'm really having a tough time drawing m(any) direct comparisons to what Gen Pop is doing here, and, in fact, it's so brilliant that I can't stop listening. It's a release that makes perfect sense in the context of Olympia's vast and varied scene, yet strikes a completely different vein of sound than what I could have ever expected. I can really only imagine where the group will go from here. Highest possible recommendation! Lump Rex.

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