February 2018 Update - THE COWBOYS LP + 7" out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 2/23/2018 to News
Hey folks, welcome back to another Feel It update! It's hard to believe that I'm typing this February update with my office window cracked open...glad that winter is nearly over! Anyhow, I'll cut straight to the chase since this update is absolutely packed with news - the first two Feel It releases of 2018 are ready to roll! We have the long-awaited American pressing of THE COWBOYS "Volume 4" LP and a four song COWBOYS "Live at Tony's Garage" 7". All pre-orders have already shipped and the limited color vinyl for each record is already over halfway gone for each record, so act fast if you're after a color copy of either!
At long last, a proper American pressing of the incredible Volume 4 cassette from Bloomington, Indiana's hometown heroes, The Cowboys. By now, you might be familiar with the stripped down, yet intelligent and powerful rock'n'roll force of The Cowboys - perhaps from their recent full length on Hozac or from their earlier cassette output which was collected onto an LP by Lumpy Records. Volume 4 captures The Cowboys at a near-perfect intersection of their earlier, lo-fi moments of Gizmos-esque Midwestern punk snarl and the more tuneful, soul-spun moments of recent output. This definitive edition of Volume 4 reproduces the ten song tracklisting of the original 2016 cassette edition released by fellow Bloomingtonian Kora Puckett (of Bugg, Laffing Gas, and Chud) on his Turd Wurld imprint. From the opening hook of "When She Came Back" (available on vinyl for the first time here, as well as the lead cut on side B, "Porridge"), The Cowboys showcase a songwriting knack and musical ability that is rarely achieved, nor captured so well in a studio setting. Keith Harman's next-level vocal delivery leads the charge across the entire album, ranging from the strong, anthemic chants of "I Feel Therefore I Am" to the deep, melancholic closing moments of "Actors". And what's more? The musicianship across this entire album is every bit as impeccable - beginning with the forceful and driving rhythm section and continuing to the absolutely unbridled guitar playing and tone, the sum of which shapes the texture of the entire recording. A score of Bloomington-based guest musicians, including Durand Jones (leader of modern soul sensations, The Indications) and John Terrill (formerly of the early 80's new wave group, The Dancing Cigarettes) only adds to the already searing mix. Altogether, The Cowboys have captured something truly unrivaled and exceptional on Volume 4 - an album that speaks from a homespun, Midwestern vantage point and fires on all musical cylinders. The end result: ten absolutely classic sonic reductions of epic proportion. This definitive edition of Volume 4 has been cut at 45 RPM by Josh Bonati and includes a new insert with artwork from The Cowboys' own Zack Worcel plus a digital download code. 100 copies on Sky Blue vinyl + 500 copies on black vinyl including a 2" square hype sticker. FEEL IT 16.
Listen: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/volume-4
Purchase limited Sky Blue vinyl:
While touring the West coast in May 2017, Bloomington rock'n'roll heroes The Cowboys stopped for a one-off recording session at a friend's garage in sunny Whittier, California. The result: an impressively tight and vibrant batch of tracks, brimming with crunchy, direct-to-tape production. Instead of letting this powerful session dwindle on the original cassette that it was recorded on, we've opted to press Live at Tony's Garage to a proper destination format, 7" vinyl at 45 RPM. The session kicks off with possibly the best recorded version of a Cowboys staple, "Mint Condition", plus two more raw originals that were recently featured on their debut LP for Hozac. The session also features a roaring cover of the 1964 garage rock classic, "The Witch", as originally performed by The Sonics. This perfect four track EP sits nicely between The Cowboys' incredible string of studio recordings and the raw energy of their live performances. Live at Tony's Garage has been remastered for vinyl by Josh Bonati and includes a Cowboys sticker plus digital download code with an exclusive bonus track. 100 copies on Neon Green vinyl + 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a foldover sleeve printed ontextured Stipple stock. FEEL IT 17.
Listen: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-tonys-garage
Purchase limited Neon Green vinyl:


Just added two big batches of records to the site - Rerun Records has done the universe a huge favor by reissuing the first two GREAT PLAINS LPs (esssential 80's garage pop from Ron House & co - highly recommended if you enjoy House's current group, Counter Intuits) and the cult HC/punk 7" from TEENAGE DEPRESSION. Tons of restocks on Rerun's ace catalog of punk/KBD reissues as well. Just landed some imports from La Vida Es Un Mus, including debut 12"s from the UK's RUNT and BETA BLOCKERS. Scooped a bunch of La Vida restocks as well. We've also got the new SCRAP BRAIN + SBSM 7"s on Thrilling Living, new Iron Lung releases including the SECT MARK + SCUMRAID LPs, a new issue of Richmond's COOL HISS zine, and of course some great new Australian releases from EXEK (recommended if ya like Total Control) and DRUNK MUMS. Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

Have a look in the NEW ARRIVALS section!

We also have some really cool stuff on the way, including the new KALEIDOSCOPE 7" and the new Tattoo Punk fanzine from Ben Trogdon (Nuts!, Rock'N'Roll Forever) so check back soon!

Masters are in for our next release, the second 7" from Olympia punks GEN POP ! Very excited on how these recordings turned out, with ace analog production courtesy of the renowned Captain Tripps. We have this slated for a May release to coincide with Gen Pop's tour that will hit most of the Midwest and East Coast (including Toronto and Montreal).

Have a listen to "Plastic Comb" from GEN POP.

Following Gen Pop, I'm very excited to be reissuing two great punk/hardcore records from right here in Virginia! I've mentioned THE LANDLORDS "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party" LP reissue in previous updates, but after months of delays, this thing is finally ready to send off. If you enjoyed the archival "Fitzgerald's Paris" LP on Feel It, then you're going to love this reissue. 21 songs jam packed full of furious, yet intelligent and original hardcore punk circa '84 from Charlottesville, VA. Recorded at the legendary Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara and remastered direct from the original reels. Packaging will include a 12 page booklet of previously unpublished photos and flyers plus a bonus download of the scare '83 Landlords demo that features several completely unreleased songs!
Possibly even more exciting, though, is that "Radiation Hazard" record you see above. Well, that happens to be the lone 7" single from Richmond's INSINUATIONS. After months of amateur detective work, I managed to track down the man behind Insinuations, Bill Draper. From there, the mystery started to unravel a bit - Insinuations were a short lived punk/new wave project that lasted from around 1979-1981, releasing one hideously rare 7" single, "Prompt Critical" b/w "(My Head Is Made Of) US Muscle". 100 copies were pressed, with only a handful of known copies having survived the 30+ years since. Perhaps even more exciting though, is just how incredible this record is - with the subject matter of "Prompt Critical" inspired by the infamous 1979 nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island. The music itself is incredibly fluid and original - from the insane guitar tone to double tracked male/female vocals to the sheer insanity of something THIS GOOD existing in relative obscurity for so long. Anyhow, after finding Bill, he was able to source an original copy of the 7" for this reissue - so stay tuned for more INSINUATIONS news! Have a listen to a crummy rip of "Prompt Critical" for now.

Holy smokes...this has to be a small record label owner's dream - when every active band on the label is touring, nearly all at the same time. Well it's happening folks, so spare the long email - hopefully one of these incredible bands is headed your way soon!

First up, RIK AND THE PIGS are in the midst of a big West coast tour in support of their debut LP and the "Blue Jean Queen" 7" on Feel It (we're down to the last 10 copies, by the way!). Here are the remaining Pigs dates:

Sat 2/24 LA @ the Y w/ Uranium Club, Dirty & His Fists, Hit Bargain
Sun 2/25 Long Beach @ 4th St Vine w/ Die Group, Hip Priest
Mon 2/26 San Pedro @ Recess Ops w/ Mike Watt & the Missing Men, Joe Baiza
Tues 2/27 LA @ the Rec Center w/ Sauber Zauber, Purity
Wed 2/28 LA Hellbent booking presents 'R&TP' @ the Hi Hat w/ Slaughterhouse, Tenement Rats
Thurs 3/1 Oakland @ White Horse bar w/ Midnite Snaxxx, Beatniks
Fri 3/2 Chico @ Duffys Tavern w/ Sunny Acres, Truck Stop
Sat 3/3 Portland @ the Firkin w/ VOG, Fantastic Plastic
Sun 3/4 Spokane house show w/ Pit

HAIRCUTare about to set out on their first tour (in support of the "Shutting Down" 7", of which they have the last color vinyl copies of). This starts next week!

Weds 2/28 RVA tour kickoff @ Lovejail w/ Body Pressure, Lipid
Thurs 3/1 Lexington, KY @ Liberty House w/ Abraxas, Dad, Kink
Fri 3/2 Bloomington, IN @ Blockhouse Bar w/ Evel, Porunga
Sat 3/3 Chicago @ TBA w/ Pentas, Social Quarantine, Accela
Sun 3/4 Cleveland @ Yellow Ghetto w/ Deche, Weed Whacker
Tues 3/6 Buffalo TBA
Weds 3/7 Toronto @ Faith/Void w/ Prom Nite, Midnight Garden, Tourist
Thurs 3/8 Rochester @ Photo City Improv w/ Aretheyyestheyare, Moolah, Dick Snare
Fri 3/9 Brooklyn @ Heck w/ Radiation Risks, Sickhead, Spic, Fealty
Sat 3/10 Philly @ The Mothership w/ Radiation Risks, Neophobe, Dialer

THE COWBOYS are making a short run South, where it looks like they'll be headlining a gig at SXSW?! The band totally dropped the ball on sending me info, but here's what I could dig up online. They will have copies of both new records on Feel It.

Sun 3/11 Nashville @ The Cobra w/ Grace Vonderkuhn
Mon 3/12 Atlanta @ The Earl
Tues 3/13 Kansas City @ Voltaire w/ Natural Man, The Rubs
Weds 3/14 New Orleans @ Circle Bar w/ Vile Bodies, Stiff Love, Policy, Trampoline Team
Fri 3/16 San Antonio @ Paper Tiger w/ Sloppy Jane, Soda Boys
Sun 3/18 Austin @ Hotel Vegas w/ Chronophage, Sass, Trouble Boys, Breakout, Temple of Angels

and finally... KALEIDOSCOPE are hitting the Midwest and East coast come mid-late March. This tour is still being booked, but here's the info I have. Kaleidoscope will have copies of their fantastic new, self-released 7".

Sun 3/18 Philly @ Cousin Danny's w/ Blank Spell, Haldol, Mint
Mon 3/19 Cleveland @ Old Homestead Tavern w/ The Cowboy, Real Regular, Rubber Mate
Tues 3/20 Chicago @ ChiTown Futbol w/ Super Unison, C.H.E.W., Dream Probe, Red Delicious, Droids Blood
Tues 3/27 Atlanta @ 529 w/ Uniform (7pm early show)
Thurs 3/29 Richmond @ Crystal Palace w/ Deviant, Cement Shoes

That's IT for now. Until next time...


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