ERIK NERVOUS "Ice Cream" 7"

ERIK NERVOUS "Ice Cream" 7"

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Here we have it, the Termbo "Rookie of the Year" heads to Total Punk and drops a rather excellent single. For the uninitiated, Erik Nervous dropped a demo tape into the hands of Lumpy and Mark Conehead at a gig in his Michigan hometown - those guys were blown away and released his first tape, Shipshewana Swimming, which has since been issued to vinyl, along with another tape-to-vinyl thing on Neck Chop. So here Erik is with his first true intended-for-vinyl record and it flat out rules. Jerky, uh...nervous, angular teen punk with spot on synth and perhaps his best (and most visceral) turn behind the mic. A true highlight of whatever is considered to be cool in contemporary punk these days. Erik Nervous does it his way and rules accordingly. Total Punk.

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