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"Got a text from an old friend recently: "Dropped some acid and recorded a few songs. Would like to put them on a tape but can't really get my shit together to do it." Don't fret good sir, I've done it it for you in a whopping pressing of 11 cassettes! The inner city sounds of a couple boys scrambling their own eggs in that big depressed aquatic fart known as Buffalo, NY, hiding out pickling the senses til daybreak and staying away from those wacky sax-n-keys guys who were having a colorful rave up on the other side of town the last few years. Five tracks harkening back to when punk riffs would follow you around reminding you of what a scumbag you were - the empty Hungry Man Dinner boxes and beer cans rolling about telling of your 1000th brain cell extermination night in a row. Not so much a tribute to late era Flag as much as cutting off Henry's skin and wearing it around town, pretending nothing's amiss. Depraved comedic outsider music from Hell." -B Gaffney. Recommended!

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