December 2018 update

Posted by Sam Richardson on 12/11/2018 to News
Hey everyone, here's the final Feel It newsletter of 2018, and we've got some big news to share this time around! While it may be freezing and snow-covered here in Virginia, things are already heating up for 2019. We can now safely announce our first two releases of 2019 - both due in early February! First, Feel It is proud to welcome back The Cowboys for a new LP/CD, entitled The Bottom of a Rotten Flower.

Bloomington, Indiana's rock'n'roll heroes return with their fourth album of tuneful garage/punk/r'n'r...this time as a five piece! That's right, they've added Chris Twist (also of Nobunny and Slushy) on second guitar, and seriously upped the ante on this new album. Anyone familiar with the signature hooks and musicianship behind The Cowboys previous work will be pleased to hear that they've pushed the bar even higher on The Bottom of a Rotten Flower - incorporating more pop-driven structures that remain as vital and catchy as earlier efforts. The end result is a perfectly well formed and soulful album, brimming with gutsy Midwestern r'n'r attitude, next-level vocals from Keith Harman, and downright hook-filled bliss.

East coast people - watch for a Cowboys tour

Stream "Some Things Never Change" at: https://feelitrecords.bandcamp.com/track/some-things-never-change

And at long last, the debut album from Fried Egg, titled Square One, is complete and well worth the wait!

Years in the making, Fried Egg strike hot with their debut album, following EPs on Beach Impediment and Negative Jazz, and a Beat Session cassette. The Central Virginia group spent their time honing these nine tracks, (in fact, most were nailed on the first or second studio take) which make up one of the most vital and hard hitting hardcore punk albums of recent vintage. While firmly rooted in the golden era HC punk footprint, Fried Egg have shifted things clearly left-of-center on Square One, incorporating elements of discordant rock that could have found a home in the post '83 Touch And Go catalog. Fried Egg have crafted a concise and unnerving album - one that echoes the anxiety, tension, and disenchantment running rampant through modern day America.

And believe me, that's not it for 2019. Without giving away too much, you can look forward to:
-Protruders-debut 12"
-Tarantüla-4th 7" EP
-Cement Shoes LP

...all out by summer! Plenty more in the works, trust me.


December has yielded another strong cache of new and reissued material. I'll start off with one of my favorite 7" singles of the year, which is the debut from Shogun and the Sheets. Yes, we're talking that Shogun (of Royal Headache) perhaps the most soulful Australian r'n'r voice this side of The Saints' Chris Bailey? The Sheets are a strong backing band, more straightforward and hard hitting than the somewhat delicate approach of Royal Headache. Really can't wait to hear more from Shogun & company! Another top 7" single is the rocking debut of Boss, a glammy punk love child of Rixe's Maxime Smaldja and Fucked Up's Jonah Falco. If yer more tuned towards the hardcore punk department - of course the new Warthog 7" is essential, plus the new Cheap Appeal and Bootlicker 7"s on Neon Taste, Lumpy's new batch (Q, Closet Christ, and Eke Buba), the Rotta CS (Drew/Sick Thoughts ruling new Suomi punk project), and the Iron Bars LP, which is killer vintage HC damage from some St. Louis veterans. If LPs are more to you're liking we've got the 100% essential collection LP of Rough Trade-era singles from The Fall, another big batch of hard rock/psych reissue LPs (Demon Fuzz, Leaf Hound, and May Blitz come highly recommended), and plenty of Townes Van Zandt albums. Oh, and how could I forget, the incredible new issue of underground culture and outsider art coverage in the new issue of Tattoo Punk ! Finally, if you dig a good mixtape, I implore ya to check this new stash of C-60s that my buddy Brandon "The Brain" Gaffney just dropped off.

Plenty more QUALITY tuneage to peruse in the NEW ARRIVALS section! Free shipping always applies for US orders of $60 or more.

Fried Egg is doing a short weekend later this month, and *fingers crossed* should have some pro-cassette copies of our new album.
12/28 Fried Egg, Das Drip, +1tba @ The Bunker, Raleigh
12/29 Fried Egg, Adderall, Pressed @ Static-Age Records, Asheville
12/30 Fried Egg, The Conveyor Belt, Tucker Riggleman @ The Golden Pony, Harrisonburg

1/9 Rashomon, Asesinato, Fried Egg, Future Terror, Lipid @ Magnolia House, Cville

1/12 Dark Thoughts, Twisted Thing, Smarthearts, Sensual World @ Chicken Fiesta, RVA
1/13 Vittna, Lipid, Destruct @ Crystal Palace, RVA

That's it for now! Thanks for helping to make 2018 the best and most rewarding year that this label has ever had. Happy holidays - catch you in the new year.
-Sam | Feel It Records
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