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"Hereâ€â„¢s some meanie bo-beanie hardcore from the murky gutters of Atlanta, Georgia. This hardcore demo is probably gonna be one of the better ones youâ€â„¢ve heard all year â€â€œ mind you, this is coming from someone who ainâ€â„¢t all too hyped on hardcore to begin with, so heed my words when I tell you that this band is really, really goddamn good. This tape just genuinely wowed me through and through, from the cathartic aural discharge that is â€Å“Blue Lives Matterâ€Â, to an oddly-proggy mindmelter, â€Å“I Forgot To Rememberâ€Â, that is inexplicably interjected in the midst of the otherwise-scathing seven-track EP; barring that sudden shift in tone, this tape is just a non-stop slew of punchy, pummeling anthems that refuses to lessen its grip around your throat. Out of all the hardcore bands you cheesebrains regularly fawn over, youâ€â„¢d better make sure that Drool is one of them because itâ€â„¢s almost sickening to hear how much these guys rule. Shit, I think I can feel my heart palpitating. Anyone see my Xanax anywhere?" - Jimmy from Youtube.

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