DIRTY & HIS FISTS "Demo 2016" 7"

DIRTY & HIS FISTS "Demo 2016" 7"

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Vinyl edition of the fantastic 2016 demo from LA punks Dirty & His Fists. Six tracks of urgent and catchy punk, at times reminding me of the punkest moments of The Boys, early Dwarves, and certainly The Spits. The production on this thing is fantastic, one of the earliest recordings produced by Dirty himself (aka Mike Kriebel) at the Golden Beat which has since been home to the excellent Beat Sessions series and countless other fantastic punk recordings. I believe this demo session is just Kriebel and Jaybo Gardner (ex-Hoax) on drums, but instantly hooked me upon first listen and convinced me that Da Fists would be a great fit on Feel It. If you enjoyed their self-titled EP, look no further for six tracks that kick just as hard. One of the best American punk bands going! Negative Jazz.

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