Cyber Monday Sale: 20% off the entire site!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 11/26/2017 to News

Hey folks! Hope everyone out there is having a quality holiday weekend. I had a great time visiting family and filling up on the traditional Thanksgiving fixings...also got in a much needed FRIED EGG practice session. I'd say we're 3/4 done writing for a 12" and I can't wait to get back to the studio for this one. Before that, we'll have a Beat Session cassette out on LA's Shout Recordings (dropping with an IMPALERS session tape as well!). Also, just figured I'd mention that Fried Egg is headed up to DC on Dec 15 to play the last KOMBAT / CLOSET CHRIST show, which is shaping up to be insane. Totally worth a drive from anywhere in the mid-Atlantic region. If you can't hit that one, there's also a rare INMATES / BAD NOIDS / VILE GASH gig in NYC the following night, which I'll be at as well. Haven't seen Bad Noids in something like 5 years! But onto the Cyber Monday sale...

I wanted to give mailing list folks first crack at this sale before I blast social media tomorrow, so have at it! 20% off EVERYTHING on the site. Just enter NOWTHATSADEAL in the "Apply coupon" box at checkout. Now is a great time to pick up the latest batch of imports from NO PATIENCE (which are all running very low), not to mention the new COWBOYS LP on Hozac, which is going down as one of my favorite 2017 releases. I also marked all of the remaining Feel It "Logo" shirts (Sam Ryser design) down to $7, and with the Cyber Monday discount, they're even cheaper! Help me clear some room so I can print up a new run of shirts, maybe even some tote bags?!

Free shipping still applies for all US orders of $60 or more. Free Feel It sticker with every order.


Busy as ever! HAIRCUT + RIK & THE PIGS 7"s are due to hit the presses on Tuesday. Both releases for THE COWBOYS are in the trusted hands of Josh Bonati for mastering and cutting, and artwork is ready to roll, so we're very much on schedule for a February release.

ALSO - I'm always looking for new stores and distros to carry Feel It releases (+ others that I distribute), and I've made that much, much easier with a new wholesale website. So here's a little incentive I'm offering to customers: If you share this wholesaler signup link with a new shop or distro and have them mention your name as a referral in the "comments" section of the signup form, I will personally send you a 20% off coupon to use towards any future order.

Before I sign off, here's Episode 5 of Feel It Radio...told you I would be keeping up with the show! Enjoy the tunes / catch you soon.

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