COWBOYS, THE "Volume 4" LP [UK pressing, last copies]

COWBOYS, THE "Volume 4" LP [UK pressing, last copies]

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Restocked! Absolutely thrilled that these recordings wound up on vinyl! There are a couple different tracks that appear here vs. the cassette version as well, so it's worth owning even if you got the tape.
Ten new tracks from Bloomington rockers The Cowboys and boy, let me tell ya, this thing flat out RULES. The production, musicianship, and songwriting on Vol. 4 are all a huge step up from previous Cowboys recordings. The songs on this album feel downright classic, incorporating more of a melodic sound at times...shit, there's even a couple straight up ballads on this thing. Some of the best rocknroll influenced punk that I've heard in years. Highest possible recommendation. Drunken Sailor.

Watch for a US pressing on Feel It in February 2018!

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