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Restocked! The Cowboys are back with a brand new full length! 14 tracks here, all of 'em new compositions and tight as ever. This album rests nicely between the looser, scrappy sound of the first few tapes that were collected as LP on Lumpy, and the ferocious, rock'n'roll-rooted punk blasts that make their Volume 4 LP such a delight. Anyhow, here we are, and Bloomington's best band shred any expectations or genre-restrictions yet again - drifting from the classic Midwest punk/garage tuneage that they've churned out in the highest quality for years now to mellow, piano-driven crooners to dynamite Hawkwind-esque space rock bridges. Keith Harman's writing and vocal range are in fine, fine form across this long player, sitting nicely atop the trucking rhythm section and masterful guitar lines that his fellow Cowboys lay down in near-perfect form. While many of these tracks have less of a "hit" feel or immediacy as previous work, The Cowboys score major points on this 3rd LP for moving in a direction that is truly indefinable, distinct, and most of all, memorable. This one gets a very high recommendation from yours truly. Hozac.

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