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"Debut cassette from this punk/post-punk band from Durham, North Carolina. While Cochonne is based a mere 20 miles from SSR’s home base of Raleigh, we didn’t hear about them until they cold emailed us a link to their first recording session. Needless to say, we were knocked out! While Cochonne’s minimal, bass-led sound immediately brings to mind a lot of our favorite bands from the post-punk and UKDIY scenes (Kleenex, the Shop Assistants, Delta 5), the breezy pop inflections and subtle organ might remind you of the best recent Australian garage and post-punk groups like the Shifters or Vintage Crop. Cochonne doesn’t strike me as a band aiming for a certain style, though. The snake-y melodies and intricate wordplay of “Omega,” the angry punk of “I Don’t Wanna,” and the brooding, Fall-like “F21” all pull in different directions, musical articulations of different thoughts and feelings rather than experiments with genres or sets of influences. North Carolina’s punk scene has always pushed, extended, and blurred boundaries, and Cochonne fits in perfectly with that tradition.

Limited to 100 copies on pro-duplicated tapes with imprinted shells." -Sorry State.

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