CHRONOPHAGE "Prolog for Tomorrow" LP

CHRONOPHAGE "Prolog for Tomorrow" LP

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Vinyl debut for Austin's Chronophage after quite a few demo/live/promotional cassettes. It's cool to see the group link up with Candice Metrailer (Patsy, Mystic Inane) to launch her new label, Cleta-Patra, and the resulting first release is quite good. If you're unfamiliar, Chronphage play a disjointed and genre-fluid brand of lo-fi rock. At times I'm hearing more of a bedroom pop Cleaners From Venus style, that then lurches into some kind of loose Western guitar Meat Puppets-esque jangle. Prolog for Tomorrow is brimming with ideas, some of which are a bit more drawn out across the eleven tracks on this album. I'm even hearing shades of Aussie pop jangle ala UV Race/Terry spread across this thing. Certainly a unique full length, and one that I'm struggling a bit to write about with only a couple cursory listens, which is a great thing. Cleta-Patra Records.

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