BUG, THE "Humbug; or, So Many Awful Things" 7"

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Startling debut disc from Midwest stalwarts, The Bug. This might be up there for the most disjointed style of HC/punk that I've ever heard work. The guitar playing is all over the place, emanating a simultaneous reverence for Void and Die Kreuzen, while the tempos here are so insanely varied that it's almost like avant-garde hardcore. I'd associate such an unhinged manner of songwriting more with technical HC and/or screamo, but The Bug somehow shirk all of those garbage tendencies while holding things together in a manner that serves more to capture your attention than waste it. While I wasn't a huge fan of the demo, Humbug really pushes things in a challenging and awe-encompassing direction. The lyrics also serve as a huge piece of this record, with relevant commentary presented in a zine-style 7"x7" full-color folded sleeve. Recommended. Not Normal.

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