BB EYE "Headcheese Heartthrob" LP

BB EYE "Headcheese Heartthrob" LP

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Restocked! Eight tracks of nonsensical new wave from this Midwestern couple. If I didn't know this was Marty (Lumpy) and Olivia (Warm Bodies) project, I'd think it was some bizarro private press album of yore. Anywho, the lyrics are a bit headscratching (perhaps, appropriately so) but the tunes stick together nicely. BB Eye have the moves! I'm sure there's a Red Snerts comp in their listening pile, because this is funky Midwest, not some wanna-B-52's hack job. Likely not for everyone out there, but for those willing to lend an ear, Headcheese Heartthrob will work some magic. Fish/Lumpy Rex.

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