April 2019 update: PROTRUDERS 12" out now!

Posted by Sam Richardson on 4/20/2019 to News
Hello hello again, there is a lot of news this month so I'll keep things short here and cut straight to the chase. When ordering, keep in mind that I will be leaving for tour on Monday May 6 and will not be shipping again until May 28. However, the Feel It distro will be on tour with Fried Egg (dates at the end of this email). There won't be a mailing list update for May, but I'll be posting from the road on Instagram and Facebook if you follow @feelitrecordshop
PROTRUDERS-Poison Future 12" out now!
"After four self-released cassettes, Montréal's premier art-punk/neo-proto-punk band Protruders makes its vinyl debut with a 25-minute 12-inch of very groovy sounds. The sound is a bit clearer and maybe a little beefier—some of the noise gives way to a more relaxed and expansive approach. The psych quotient is higher. But the heart of the band is still beating for the sort of raw open-minded non-generic punk that once came from the likes of Rocket From The Tombs, Swell Maps, Dead Moon, Dancing Cigarettes, etc. “Fruit Hang” has a perfect mid-70s style garage feel—like a Boston pre-punk band tearin’ it up at the Rat! This could be the hit, kidz! Skronky sax gives “Hydrophytol” a kinda Hawkwind/no-wave feel. And dig “No Stone”—a slower one, catchy as hell—I swear it could pass for an outtake from the Saints circa 1978. Solid—another hit! At five minutes, the title track stretches things out a bit. This one has a definite Ubu/Voidoids vibe—nasty angular spazz-punk with a little more sax blat added. Very nice guitar stuff happening here. We get some weirdo HC action on “Stabilizer” and more hot guitar squiggles. “Tax 101” is maybe a “typical” Protruders song—that means good! “Wrong Way Sign,” pushes things over the six-minute mark, with a strong psych-punk feel (Wipers?) and some totally swell rock-jam stuff at the end. Wow. This record is a significant step for the band and an impressive way to start their vinyl career as they gain the higher visibility they deserve. Most excellent!" -Eddie Flowers (Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos)

Unlimited streaming/pay-what-you-want download.

That's right, both The Cowboys "The Bottom of a Rotten Flower" LP and Fried Egg "Square One" LP sold out within a few weeks of their initial release. We ran another 300 Cowboys (identical to the first press of 700) and 200 Fried Egg (with a cool new chipboard sleeve). Both records have been receiving nothing short of great reviews so give 'em a listen via the above links if ya haven't already!
*NEW* Feel It t-shirts & slipmats for Spring!

Spring is finally here, and to celebrate t-shirt weather being in full swing, we are introducing a new Feel It Records shirt design. This time with artwork courtesy of Mr. Drugface of Man-Eaters/Tarantula/Culo fame! Two color print on white Gildan Heavy Cotton tees. We're also running this design on classy cork slipmats, which are also FREE with any retail order of $100 or more.

Order T-shirt here.
Order cork slipmat here.

Welcome aboard PLEASURE LEFTISTS !

I'm excited to announce that Feel It will be releasing a new album from Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS ! PL just returned from recording ten new tracks for "The Gate", which is their first new record in four years, following previous releases on Deranged, Katorga Works, and Fan Death. These are some of the best PL songs yet, with top notch production courtesy of Stan Wright (Acrtic Flowers). "The Gate" is a driving, cathartic post punk gem! Stay tuned for a preview track and preorder options in June. Shooting to have this out in early July along with the CEMENT SHOES LP, which is finishing up at mastering this week. Watch for a CS preview track and preorders at the same time as PL.


The NEW ARRIVALS section is filled with quality new tunes for Spring. We have new 12"s from THE WORLD and MAZE on Lumpy, the boss new URANIUM CLUB album, the killer MATRIX demo 7" (my fave HC demo in recent memory, HIGHLY recommended), Beat Session cassettes from S.H.I.T. and MARBLED EYE, a live radio session tape from Aussies CIVIC, killer new Aussie synthpunk demo from WILD TONE,
and more quality Aussie punk/wave on the debut LP from SNAKES. Those are some of the highlights but there are plenty more in the way of excellent new releases, reissues, and restocks as always!


FRIED EGG are hitting the road in just over two weeks to promote the "Square One" LP. Headed out with a new lineup that's our best yet, new songs, and a new shirt design. Here are the details, feel free to inquire if you're unsure of the location for any of these gigs.

5/6 Charlotte - Hangout House w/ Patois Counselors, Unruly Boys, Mutant Strain, Acne
5/7 Atlanta - The Bakery w/ Tunic, Slow Fire Pistol, FKA Dog Orgasm, Policy
5/8 Birmingham - The Firehouse
5/9 Hattiesburg
5/10 New Orleans - Banks St. Bar w/ Ekumen (record release), Secret Passage, Crossed
5/11 Houston w/ Death Cult, HAHA!
5/12 San Antonio - Twin Sister Cantina w/ Death Cult, Scan, Circulo Vicioso, Chronovision
5/13 Austin - Hotel Vegas w/ Enemy One, Lip Service, SQK
5/14 OKC
5/15 KC w/ Vice Grip
5/16 Minneapolis - Red Lobster w/ Fucking, Stepsister, The Detractors
5/17 Milwaukee - X-Ray Arcade w/ Mister, Coronary
5/18 Chicago - Margaritaville w/ Udusic, Robotrip, Czar Bomba, Affront
5/19 St. Louis - CBGB
5/20 Bloomington w/ CHUD
5/21 Columbus - Dirty Dungarees w/ Messrs, Bloody Show

PROTRUDERS are doing a bunch of Canadian dates on the heels of their new 12" and will be coming to the US for some Midwest & East coast dates in August. Here are the Canadian dates for now:

May 2nd-Toronto:the monarch ndy presents w/ nymphets, pure pressure, losers
May 3rd- Montreal:l'esco AA presents w/Helene Barbier, Chris Burns and his going concerns
May 4th-Quebec city: Centre Lucien Borne sale #305 w/the pretzels, the proactives
May 23-24 St Johns: Lawnya Vawnya music crawl

CEMENT SHOES are playing this year's Horrible Fest in Cleveland. We'll be on the Saturday May 25 matinee gig at Sidetrack Cafe w/ Mati, Red Delicious, Wet Specimens, Pine Taar, Kill The Hippies, and Marty Feldman's Eyes 1-7PM!

Cement Shoes are also hitting Charleston, WV at Kin Ship Goods on Sunday May 26!

Oh, and the next gig I'm booking in RVA is Saturday June 1 for the god-like WARM BODIES ! At VSC with Fried Egg, VV, and Beater.

That's IT, I swear. Hope to see some of you on the road in May.
-Sam | Feel It Records
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